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A little bit of Interior Inspiration from… inspiring women!

My obsession with all beautiful things in this wonderful world of interiors has been put on hold a little at the moment and I am really neglecting this blog – Im sorry! Not because I don’t still LOVE it all, but because I am busy, busy, busy.  I’ve been working on a couple of great houses with some lovely people, and also working on the business side of things here at the The Soft Hub.  I’m doing an online course at the moment and being unbelievably inspired by a group of amazingly motivated entrepreneurial women.

So, thats what my inspiration for this post is, and how it relates to gorgeousness in your home. There is a whole lot of ‘life is too short not to go for your dreams and do everything you can to live the life you want to’ sentiment in this group, and I honestly believe that our homes are a reflection of this.  I don’t mean we should all be spending thousands of dollars on our homes just to make ourselves feel better, but I do think that you deserve to have that really special little piece of furniture, or those divine cushions, or that amazing bedhead.  And that you should just go for it!  Whatever you can afford, if it is a little piece of something super special that you are just going to love in your home – then do it, buy it, get it made – and relish in the sight of it every time you walk past it in the morning and at night.

It’ll give you a little bit of brightness where you spend so much of your time, in your home.

Kate xo

A little bit of Interior Inspiration from… Coco Chanel

A little bit of Interior Inspiration from… the streets of Kyneton

The autumn colours in the trees right now are so inspiring and none more so than the streets of Kyneton where I was for my latest girls weekend – fun! These very warm colours are so gorgeous I just wanted to capture them somehow in my home.  Its not only the colours but the feel of the crisp, cool air in the Victorian countryside as winter creeps up on us (or hits us with a bang in Melbourne!).  It really makes me think about the warmth and comfort of my home, and with the prospect of another winter and more time inside than usual, what can I add to make things warm, warm, warm… blankets, throws, cushions.  Lovely, might be time for me to go back to bed now.  I wish!

Autumn Streetscape

Kyneton Street in Autumn

Thanks for visiting,


Fabric Inspiration from Zepel’s new Velvino

Welcome to my new blog section I hope you will find really valuable  - new fabrics and textiles from Australia & overseas will be featured each week.  Sometimes I’ll give you the whole fabric story with all the wonderful parts, or sometimes it might just be one super fantastic fabric that just has to have a mention because it is so damn good – just like this little number below…

Velvino anyone?

Velvino by Zepel

Velvino anyone? Lovely Blues...

Velvino by Zepel

or maybe Chartreuse?

Velvino by Zepel

or even Passion!

This fantastic new range of fabric from Zepel is a great one for me to launch this little segment with because it is so cute!  Really different, really fun, and a fantastic colour range.  Four different versions – all some sort of animal skin I believe – include Crocovino, Aquavino, Pebovino and Skinovino.  Apart from anything else how cool are the names?!

This fabric can be used for curtains & accessories and upholstery.  There is a brilliant range of colours its the type of fabric you could just have so much fun with in your home.  This would be great for cushions to add a splash of colour to a room, it has a really soft feel too so would also look quite luxurious in curtains.

Some facts for those who need them – Velvino is a 100% polyester fabric, with a lovely soft handle, ranging from 60,000 to 100,000 martindale rubs.  For more information visit Zepel or contact me hello@thesofthub.com.au

Thanks for visiting!


A little bit of Interior Inspiration from… London hotels.

Some delicious interior inspiration from just a couple of fantastic London hotels.  I did a post a while ago about New York Hotels so it would be remiss of me not to follow up with something from London… where would be next?!  Luckily for me Vogue Living recently did a feature on the 20 top hotels in London.  I could have put every single picture in here but had to narrow it down to soft furnishings, as opposed to just generally awesome interiors!

So firstly, have a look at this pic below of a room from the Haymarket hotel.  Designed by Kit Kemp this room is stunning in its simplicity. That magnificent upholstered bedhead, gorgeous white linen, complementing the contemporary art on the wall.  It is so understated this room would provide exactly the type of comfort we needs in a bedroom for general peace and recovery.

Haymarket Hotel

Interior brilliance from the Haymarket Hotel

Next is the absolutely gorgeous interior of the St Pancras Renaissance hotel.  The perfect combination of detail in this room is just fantastic.  The drapes, the bedspread, the cushions, the leather bedhead – not to mention that insane mirror!  A perfect mix of colour and calm in this wonderful room.

St Pancras Renaissance, London

The perfect mix at St Pancras Renaissance

Just writing about these rooms has made me tired they are just so perfect for sleeping in!

K x

Our first guest designer I am beyond excited! Thank you Gabriel Jacka…

Gabriel Jacka is just a lovely young man (this is how my Mum describes him!) who happens to be a super fantastic textile designer.  He has recently done some work with New York Interior Designer Diane Bergeron and lately he has turned his hand to textile design and his first range is quite simply stunning.  It’s unique, it’s bold, it’s versatile, it’s australian and it is just wonderful.  I’ve been lucky enough to do my first ever guest designer profile on Gabriel and I do feel very privileged.

Before you read his interview, peruse through his awesome range of textiles, believe it or not his first range – so good!  From one so young I can’t imagine how much better this is going to get, stay tuned for the next range.

Mitta Mitta

Mitta Mitta









A little interview to get to know Gabriel a bit better…

  1. Where did the creation of you come from? 
    My family left inner city Melbourne when I was 6, we moved to the rolling hills of South Gippsland, to a small town called Mirboo North about 2 hours east of Melbourne. Growing up in the country was a great childhood; there was so much freedom and always things to do! I moved back to Melbourne to study textile design, I must say it has been one of the best opportunity’s to have lived in both the inner city and country
  2. Tell me a bit about what you do?
    I am a young Textile designer; I have a belief that design of all kinds should be timeless and not driven by trends or fads! I try to create fabrics that will look amazing in any home and at any time. I illustrate this through my blog, where I showcase articles from old magazines and books to show just how timeless design can be!
  3. How and why did you get into this?
    At the end of school I was at a cross roads, what should I do? In the end textile design fitted into almost every design field, weather it be fashion, interiors, graphics etc, so textiles it was!
  4. What are you working on at the moment?
    I am working on developing my range of textiles and adding new products to my collection.
  5. Where do you draw your inspiration from / what or who inspires you?
    Inspiration can come from anything and anyone. People who inspire me have a strong idea of what they like and have a strong belief in there ideas. All of my day-to-day experiences add to my designs, I find that looking up or taking a different way to a familiar place can provide new and inspiring ideas!
  6. How would you describe your style?
    I like a mix of periods, simple, classic, traditional basses to then add colour and pattern to. This applies to everything, dress, home, life!
  7. What do love about what you do and the industry you are in?
    I love have being able to create! To have an idea and then seeing to evolve to become a finished product. I love seeing how other people use my fabrics in their own homes!
  8. What advice or tips would you give to our readers?
    Don’t worry about trends that tell people what and how they should live their life, if you love something that is considered “dated”, just love it don’t hide it!
    AND that when decorating a few pops of colour will add so much life to your space and does not need to cost you the earth!
  9. Where is your happy place?
    I most happy when I am with the people who mean the most to me, just enjoying their company.
Keep scrolling down for some more loveliness…
Louis Chair in Moroka Gigi Blue\

Louis Chair in Moroka Gigi Blue

Chairs upholstered in Mitta Mitta fabric

Chairs upholstered in Mitta Mitta fabric

Gabriel Jacka cushions
Gabriel Jacka cushions

Head over to Gabriel’s website for more information on his gorgeous fabrics gabrieljacka.com



A little bit of interior inspiration from… the 70s

Really big window draped in gorgeousness!

Window draped in loveliness

What I absolutely love about these huge and spectacular drapes is that they just don’t hold back.  They obviously perfectly fit the style of the house but they are super elaborate and it takes real courage to do this in your house.  Sometimes though, this is exactly what you need to do – just go for it, go beyond your comfort zone when you are decorating and the results will be sure to look and feel fantastic.

This image is from a recent post on the fantastic design files read the whole post here

A little bit of interior inspiration from… fashion

Interior trends have such close ties to the colours and trends from fashion, and so fashion gives us a perfect source of inspiration and ideas for your home.  These beautiful pics from the Sunday Life magazine on the weekend are such a great example of this.  This citrus palette in the first image is a gorgeous start to a mood board for any room in your house, add to that the brights of the green and plethora of colours in the skirt of the second image, and you would almost have a complete picture of what direction you want to head in.  Starting with a neutral palette of whites or linens you could add these colour accents with cushions, blinds, curtains and more to build this same striking look at home. So simple and so lovely. K x

Citrus crush is right!

Beautiful colours

A little bit of Interior Inspiration from… New York Hotels

Flicking through the Australian Wish Magazine on my holidays I found these divine interiors featuring a selection of New York Hotels.  The reason I wanted to share these images with you is to show you that you too can have a little bit of luxury and awesome style, like these superb hotels do, in your own home.  Am I sounding a bit over the top here with admiration… sorry, these are just so gorgeous and I love this traditional decorating style coming through again.  Firstly, look at these 2 rooms from The Lowell on the Upper East Side.

Feature Window

Simple but still traditional roman blinds & drapes

These rooms are so elegant, this gorgeous feature window here with all the elaborate trims and window can have – drapes, swags, tie-backs, thick luxurious fabrics and great big velvet cushions for added comfort and style.  And the next room, still in the same theme but a little bit more simple with roman blinds and more simple curtains, of course cushions to match. Secondly, some more elegance in a more contemporary interior design, at The Greenwich Hotel.

The living area of the N Moore Suite

A perfect outdoor bench

I want this living room in my house, or maybe just my country retreat… I wish! Simple, simple outdoor bench, but just perfect for a peaceful moment.

I’m sharing this with you because you can create the same look and feel in your own home, you shouldn’t feel intimidated by such gorgeousness! Its not just for a New York Hotel it can be for you too.

Kate x

A little bit of interior inspiration from… my friend’s Mum

I’m lucky enough at the moment to be staying in a beach house owned by one of my best friend’s parents.  I’ve spent a lot of time in their houses over the years and I have appreciated every minute of it.  But the reason I am writing this little post is that the decoration in each place is always special; so well done, but so simple with individual pieces from everywhere all placed together to make a complete look.  To give you just a little bit of an insight into what I mean just check out this little snapshot below.  Its just a simple armchair, loose white cover, one gorgeous cushion with birds embroidered on it and a plain red cushion to add a splash of colour.  There is a matching chair too of course, and they are both framed by the wonderful treetop outlook with glimpses of the ocean.  I’m inspired by this because it is done thoughtfully, without the need to spend heaps of money, to create a great feel in the holiday house.  You could do this too.  K x

Chair with embroidered cushion

Perfect chair with a view and cute embroidered cushion to match