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A little bit of Interior Inspiration from… London hotels.

Some delicious interior inspiration from just a couple of fantastic London hotels.  I did a post a while ago about New York Hotels so it would be remiss of me not to follow up with something from London… where would be next?!  Luckily for me Vogue Living recently did a feature on the 20 top hotels in London.  I could have put every single picture in here but had to narrow it down to soft furnishings, as opposed to just generally awesome interiors!

So firstly, have a look at this pic below of a room from the Haymarket hotel.  Designed by Kit Kemp this room is stunning in its simplicity. That magnificent upholstered bedhead, gorgeous white linen, complementing the contemporary art on the wall.  It is so understated this room would provide exactly the type of comfort we needs in a bedroom for general peace and recovery.

Haymarket Hotel

Interior brilliance from the Haymarket Hotel

Next is the absolutely gorgeous interior of the St Pancras Renaissance hotel.  The perfect combination of detail in this room is just fantastic.  The drapes, the bedspread, the cushions, the leather bedhead – not to mention that insane mirror!  A perfect mix of colour and calm in this wonderful room.

St Pancras Renaissance, London

The perfect mix at St Pancras Renaissance

Just writing about these rooms has made me tired they are just so perfect for sleeping in!

K x

A little bit of Interior Inspiration from… New York Hotels

Flicking through the Australian Wish Magazine on my holidays I found these divine interiors featuring a selection of New York Hotels.  The reason I wanted to share these images with you is to show you that you too can have a little bit of luxury and awesome style, like these superb hotels do, in your own home.  Am I sounding a bit over the top here with admiration… sorry, these are just so gorgeous and I love this traditional decorating style coming through again.  Firstly, look at these 2 rooms from The Lowell on the Upper East Side.

Feature Window

Simple but still traditional roman blinds & drapes

These rooms are so elegant, this gorgeous feature window here with all the elaborate trims and window can have – drapes, swags, tie-backs, thick luxurious fabrics and great big velvet cushions for added comfort and style.  And the next room, still in the same theme but a little bit more simple with roman blinds and more simple curtains, of course cushions to match. Secondly, some more elegance in a more contemporary interior design, at The Greenwich Hotel.

The living area of the N Moore Suite

A perfect outdoor bench

I want this living room in my house, or maybe just my country retreat… I wish! Simple, simple outdoor bench, but just perfect for a peaceful moment.

I’m sharing this with you because you can create the same look and feel in your own home, you shouldn’t feel intimidated by such gorgeousness! Its not just for a New York Hotel it can be for you too.

Kate x